Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
data recovery

In this digital age we are storing a number of our data including contracts, family documents, personal documents and inventory records in various storage media. For example in terms of family information,you can store a number of photos for a certain event.The storage media include USB flash drives, CD’s, DVD’s, solid-state drives and external/internal external hard disk drives among other existing electronic devices.

Even though there are a number of advantages associated with storing information in such storage media, we must also be alive to the fact that data loss is a common issue. Going by the statistics available, there are always chances that at some time you will require the services of a data recovery company. Bad luck is unavoidable and the situation can be worse if you don’t have a backup of your files or they can’t be recreated.

Data loss may be caused by physical damage to the hard drive, theft of a computer/data storage, spilled drinks (water,tea) on a laptop, virus and malware and of course deleting your files accidentally among others causes. In case that you need a data recovery company that is professional, here are some of the tips that will help you find the right one among the pool of companies claiming to be the best for the job.

1. Pricing

Generally the cost of data recovery is an expensive affair and for that reason you must be in a position to be able to determine if the data to be recovered is worth the cost and time. For example, recovery of data on a hard drive may involve replacing the hard drive physical parts, logical analysis and system level repair among other processes that can be costly and are difficult. In some instances there may need to be multiple transplants for data recovery to be successful.

Apart from the procedures involved in data recovery, the company must also pay its technicians and also factor in safe storage of your data. All of this adds to the very expensive nature of data recovery and therefore if a company asks for only a few dollars, you should think twice.

2. Experience

Most of the right or reputable data recovery companies have been in the business for quite some time meaning that they are more skilled and reliable. An experienced company means it is able to deal with different storage technology that keeps changing and that is has a track record.

Unknown and or unproven companies apart from not being able to have some of the skilled data recovery technicians and appropriate tools may also be quick to fold its operations after cheating you to avoid being exposed.

3. Never Open Damaged Storage Media

The general rule is that for data recovery to be successful, the first provider of the service should be a professional. Don’t attempt to recover data if you are not skilled and it is not advised that you keep sending your media from one company to another even though desperation usually creeps in as the initial handler may not have provided a solution.

The chance of data recovery often decreases with too many technicians handling the same media. For that reason, you must take your time to be able to find the best company.

4. Seek for the Right and Specified Answers

You should be able to seek for crucial answers and ask for any clarifications and there are various means of communications that good companies often provide for that purpose. Make sure that you inquire about the total cost of data recovery to avoid any surprises. Ask also if the data recovery is not successful if you will still pay and the amount to be paid.

Furthermore ask about the potential health of the recovered data, if it will be functional? Also ask about the location where the data recovery will take place as it can cause troubles when you want to recover your storage media. There are companies that operate within your area and may refer your problem to their offices in other areas. Other companies may not even operate in your area. Choose a company that is located close to you.

5. Partnerships

If a data recovery company happens to have a partnership with the manufacturer of a particular data storage media then that company would be the right one for you. A partnership indicates that the company is professional and reliable,high technical skills.

In conclusion, apart from the fact that a reputable data recovery company would be better positioned to be able to recover your data, the best companies also have privacy policies. If your data is sensitive or you prefer it to remain private then the privacy policies would serve to protect your data from being copied or accessed by technicians. Because the companies employ the use of dedicated tools for recovery, most of the times opening of your files will not be required. In the event that your files have to be accessed then permission from you must be first obtained.

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