High Shear Mixers and the Industries that Use Them

High-shear mixers are used to make suspensions, gas-dispersed-in-liquids, emulsions, and grainy or granulated products. How does it work? Let’s first define what does the term “shear” mean. It is simply the application of opposing forces on different parts of an object within the same level surface. 

It uses a propeller that spins at very high speeds; then it directs the stuff towards the standing, non-moving part of the machine. That procedure “shears” the stuff. 

You can modify the quantity of “shear” drive depending on the need. With this method, you can mix solid stuff or gaseous stuff into a liquid base. You could also mix unmixable liquids by using it. Many industries make use of these machines for dispersion emulsification, particle size reduction, and homogenization. 

Below are the industries that make use of high shear mixers in their operations.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Proper mixing is critical in the production of stable quality emulsions in this industry. Emulsions show the preferred evenness and grain to hair conditioners, creams, lotions, make-up, and other products. It also involves the mixing of colors and scents. 


Mixing operations is vital in this industry because they turn rare ingredients into food fit for human intake. Consistency is key in the food industry. Taste, look, color, and texture are very important factors influenced by the process of mixing. 


It is one of the industries that are best served by such a machine. It serves virtually product we use in our daily lives.


In this industry, you are commissioning various mixers to process raw components & ingredients. You also handle intermediates and prepare the finished product. Pharmaceuticals are highly dependent on the processes set by experts. The mixing process influences whether a drug will produce the precise dose, or have an acceptable look, texture, or taste. It also determines whether the product would be stable for an apt period. 


The formulation of adhesives starts and finishes with satisfactory mixing. It is the equipment and method that controls the quality of the product.

Plastics and Composites 

Another industry that’s best served by the High Shear Mixer. This industry has been making use of the latest technology that develops renewable energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint whenever we ride planes or drive our cars.