Top 5 cases for criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville, FL

Everybody who has at least Facebook access is aware of the ‘Florida Man’ headlines that are taking over social media. But other than the ridiculous crimes that some Floridians commit, what are the common cases that a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, FL handle?

Murder or Manslaughter

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s annual crime report, murder is on the rise despite the total crime rate dropping. Murder, or the act of premeditated killing of one human being by another, make up the majority of Jacksonville’s violent crime statistics. 


Aside from murder, the incidence of rape is also on the rise. From 517 incidents recorded in 2016, the number is estimated to jump to 619 in 2019. 

Property Crime

Property crime includes burglary, larceny, arson, vandalism, shoplifting, and carnapping, among other crimes, with an estimated figure of about 25,000 incidents in 2019.

The majority of property crime for this year is expected to be from larceny or theft with a projected figure of 20,200. Burglary comes in second with 3,151 cases. Motor vehicle theft and arson are expected to be at 1,085 and 68 cases, respectively.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is any attempt to cause physical injury to a person, either knowingly or recklessly. In 2019, Jacksonville is expected to see about 2,589 cases compared to 3,418 cases last 2016. Even if the number has gone down, a lot of criminal defense lawyers are still going to see this type of case.


The last entry for this list is robbery, the act of taking another’s property by force or threat. In Jacksonville, the number of robbery incidences is expected to be 451. 


Although the city is showing a downward trend when it comes to the total crime rate, it still stands as one of the most crime-rampant cities in the U.S. As a criminal defense lawyer, expect to encounter many of these cases in the following months to come. 

High Shear Mixers and the Industries that Use Them

High-shear mixers are used to make suspensions, gas-dispersed-in-liquids, emulsions, and grainy or granulated products. How does it work? Let’s first define what does the term “shear” mean. It is simply the application of opposing forces on different parts of an object within the same level surface. 

It uses a propeller that spins at very high speeds; then it directs the stuff towards the standing, non-moving part of the machine. That procedure “shears” the stuff. 

You can modify the quantity of “shear” drive depending on the need. With this method, you can mix solid stuff or gaseous stuff into a liquid base. You could also mix unmixable liquids by using it. Many industries make use of these machines for dispersion emulsification, particle size reduction, and homogenization. 

Below are the industries that make use of high shear mixers in their operations.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Proper mixing is critical in the production of stable quality emulsions in this industry. Emulsions show the preferred evenness and grain to hair conditioners, creams, lotions, make-up, and other products. It also involves the mixing of colors and scents. 


Mixing operations is vital in this industry because they turn rare ingredients into food fit for human intake. Consistency is key in the food industry. Taste, look, color, and texture are very important factors influenced by the process of mixing. 


It is one of the industries that are best served by such a machine. It serves virtually product we use in our daily lives.


In this industry, you are commissioning various mixers to process raw components & ingredients. You also handle intermediates and prepare the finished product. Pharmaceuticals are highly dependent on the processes set by experts. The mixing process influences whether a drug will produce the precise dose, or have an acceptable look, texture, or taste. It also determines whether the product would be stable for an apt period. 


The formulation of adhesives starts and finishes with satisfactory mixing. It is the equipment and method that controls the quality of the product.

Plastics and Composites 

Another industry that’s best served by the High Shear Mixer. This industry has been making use of the latest technology that develops renewable energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint whenever we ride planes or drive our cars.

Florida Employment Law – Common Misconceptions

Employment law is sometimes a very confusing topic, and a lot of people do not fully understand it. There’s a lot of misconceptions from employers and employees on when it is appropriate to file a claim on the other. Here are some of them and clarification which can help you in seeking the best employment lawyer in Florida.

Wrongful Termination suit

Unlike some states, wrongful discharge suit does not exist in Florida. An employer may fire any employee as they seem fit for their business and not be liable to a lawsuit. However, some laws protect employees from discrimination, defamation, illegal retaliation, and discriminatory harassment. In the instance of these situations, the employee may file a lawsuit.

Lawsuits About Harassment

The only form of harassment that is permissible is that which pertains to a person’s race, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation. General harassment is not eligible for a lawsuit. Only harassment that disrupts the conditions of the workplace or employment is illegal. An employee may not be sacked or discriminated against based on their age, race, gender, religion, color, or sexual orientation.

Lawsuits On Discrimination

Employers with 15 or more employees are not permitted to discriminate in terms of age, gender, race, religion, color, or sexual orientation. However, if an employee claims to have endured discrimination, the employee must prove they were treated differently while under the same conditions as the others. If adequate proof or witnesses are not provided, a lawsuit is not permissible.

 Defamation Suit

Am employer may be charged for defamation if they intentionally give false accusations or ignore the full truth while accusing someone of theft, dishonesty, or criminal behavior. All suits based on references are not eligible.

Retaliation After Suits

An employer is not permitted to retaliate on an employee that has placed a complaint against discrimination or participated in any suit by either testifying or threatening to file a claim. Employees should not be held accountable for refusing to participate in a lawsuit.

If ever you feel you have an issue plausible for a lawsuit, it’s vital to seek legal counsel first. This ensures your cause is permissible for a suit and avoid any future problems. Addressing employment issues with appropriate legal counsel ensures your problem gets solved without further constraint.

What You Can Get from Driving School

Attending a driving school is essential when you are planning to get a driver’s license. There are many things that you can gain from these classes, where you can learn directly from certified professionals. But first, you will have to choose the driving school that you think is best for you. If you are from Gainesville, FL, check out one of the best school you can attend, All Florida Safety Institute.

Learning from the Professionals

The most significant advantage of going to a driving school is learning from instructors, who were able to obtain certification from all relevant government authorities. Having this opportunity allows you to learn from a person who has both theoretical and practical experience. They can offer technical skills that you can’t usually learn from family and friends.

Another benefit of joining such classes is getting structured training. Driving a car is a very complex skill, and so you will have to go through the necessary systematic method. You need to cover all the required subjects to understand all the rules and regulations in driving a vehicle.

In most cases, the driving school that you attend will assist you when you apply for a driver’s license. They may lend their cars to students who will take the practical driving test. If you have this option, then you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of renting a car or owning one.

Skills and Attitude Developed

After going through all the training, you will have developed defensive driving skills, which can help you avoid mistakes that may lead to dangerous situations. By going to a driving school, you can fully understand the circumstances that could lead to accidents. You can learn all the traffic laws and road signs that are present, thus reducing the chances of accidents.

Another skill is car maintenance. When you are a new driver, you don’t usually know how to take care of your car. driving school gainesville fl can help you understand what you need to check and at what frequency you need to do it. One example would be when you should change the oil.

Lastly, one crucial advantage of attending a driving school is gaining confidence. When you gain confidence in your driving skills, you tend to avoid situations that could lead to road accidents. You also learn what to do during emergencies, which puts you at ease.

All Florida Safety Institute

If you are from Gainesville, FL, you can attend the All Florida Safety Institute. This driving school offers driving and traffic lessons that you may do at their site or online. They have different packages and courses that you may check out. Follow this to learn more.

How To Deal With An Amusement Park Accident

One of the main attractions of Florida is its amusement parks. It has a lot of them all over the state. Disney World, in particular, welcomes millions of people every year. Considering that there is a wide variety of rides available in these amusement parks, the likelihood of accidents is high.

This is why it is important to have a personal injury lawyer in Orlando on your side in case of an accident at an amusement park.

Accidents in the Amusement Parks

There are many kinds of amusement parks. Many of them attempt to have the most popular rides all in one place. Some parks specialize in roller coasters or water slides. For many people inside the park, they get to enjoy the place more if there are more adrenaline rushes and thrilling experiences.

However, these mechanized rides such as carousels and roller coasters can cause an injury or life-and-death situation if there is a failure to implement safety precautions and instructions.

Also, negligence is a serious matter, which is a result of negligent security, wrong priorities, or carelessness. While the safety of the visitors is the main concern of operators and owners of the amusement parks, accidents can still happen, leading to injuries. These include:

·         Parks that allow entry over the maximum capacity of visitors

·         Equipment that is wrongly placed, thus blocking paths and sidewalks

·         Areas, which are not well-lighted

·         Defective products

·         Operators who under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol

·         Poorly maintained parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings

·         Lack of ride maintenance

Amusement Park Ride Injuries

The fixed-site amusement parks see the most injuries and accidents in their areas. But, numerous injuries happen at mobile parks like fairs and carnivals every year. On the other hand, inflatable bounce houses and many other personal-use entertainment rides are not that safe either.

There is an unspoken belief that when people enter the park and try the rides, they are safe and secured. However, visitors cannot tell if the inflatable bounce structures, water slides, and amusement park rides are safe and well-maintained.

If you or a family member has obtained an injury in an amusement park, water park, theme park, or carnival in Florida, there are ways to handle the incident. First off, contact a personal injury lawyer Orlando at once.

How Much Alcohol Can You Bring Into Canada?

All countries, including Canada, have regulations when it comes to the amount of alcohol entering their jurisdiction, whether through plane or by car. If you have plans of visiting Canada in the near future, then you might be wondering how much alcohol Canada allows you to bring into the country. As you are processing your einreise kanada, here are four things you need to know about it.

Alcohol Regulations in Canada

The restriction for alcohol in Canada is 1.5 liters for cars and other vehicles entering the Canadian border. That’s 1.5 liters for wine, 1.14 liters for alcoholic beverages, and 8.5 liters for ale or beer. Also, make sure that the alcohol is packaged in a bottle and well labelled. This is to avoid too many questions when border authorities check your baggage. You should also make sure that you’re above 18 years old. However, when traveling by plane, you shouldn’t carry any liquor. Any substance that has more than 70 percent alcohol is a threat to the safety of the plane. If you insist, then they might allow only up to 3.4 ounces. 

Penalties for Excess

Since Canadian law allows you to bring alcohol into the country by car, then you can do so. However, take note that in case you exceed the 1.5-liter limit, you must pay the required custom assessment amount. You must also pay all the necessary territorial taxes included in your bill. If you’re carrying alcohol for commercial purposes, then it needs a special permit. Otherwise, you don’t have any reason to carry it.

The Reason Why Alcohol is Expensive in Canada

You’ll find that alcohol is relatively more expensive in Canada. Plus, only registered outlets are allowed to sell it. The monopoly meets the high demand and charges high prices. Thus, many people who come to Canada get tempted to bring in their own alcohol in order to avoid the high costs. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you’re willing to pay penalty charges.

The Reason You Shouldn’t Bring Alcohol to Canada

If you’re planning to visit Canada and are currently processing your einreise kanada, it’s better not to bring alcohol with you. Although you’re an alcohol lover, you can imagine how much extra cost you have to pay for heavier luggage because of alcohol. As you face the taxation process, you’re in for more charges. You’ll waste not only money but also your time. The ugliest part is that you’ll have an excess alcohol record in Canada.

Some Final Words

Bringing in alcohol as you get to Canada is acceptable only at its legal limits. However, you’ll have to pay high charges and taxes in case you’re carrying alcohol in excess. The best thing to do is to follow the law or not bring any alcohol with you at all. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your entire first day with Canadian authorities. If you want a more enjoyable Canadian trip, process your einreise kanada at

5 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfactio


Days are gone when customers are happy by just getting a “please” or “thank you.”  Customer satisfaction now encompasses the whole customer journey. Starting from how your customer discovers your product, how they are assisted during the sales or service process, up until what happens after that.

 Your business should always be on top of your game, or else your customers will take their money elsewhere. Don’t worry, though! Here are some secrets, from hiring a hospitality keynote speaker to requesting feedback, that would you improve customer satisfaction.

1. Hire a keynote speaker.

Each person in your organization must be aware of how their role is instrumental in providing overall satisfaction to your customers. That’s why bringing in a hospitality keynote speaker is so essential – he can get everyone engaged, share the mission of attaining customer satisfaction and drive your whole organization to take part and stir up positive customer experience in the future. 

2. Allow multichannel support.

As newer communication channels emerge such as mobile, social, web chat, and email, it is imperative for your business to develop omnichannel support. Through this, you are sure that your customer can connect with you and raise their insights based on the method they are comfortable using.

3. Personalize.

Your goal is to ensure that your customer feels like he is, or she matters to your business. For instance, remembering them on special occasions such as their birthdays or providing them with personalized discounts and promotions is an excellent way to go. Not only it improves customer satisfaction but also builds up your customer’s loyalty.

4. Cut wait times.

Time is valuable for everyone, especially your customers. Make sure that you manage the long customer wait time. If possible, eliminate bureaucracy and switch it with more customer-friendly processes. Customers are happy when it is easy to do business with you, and they will reward you for it over and over again.

5. Ask for and act on customer’s feedback.

There are always more customers who have relevant insights that they haven’t aired to you. So, it is your business’ job to fish these criticisms. Do surveys or create dialogues with different customers. Once you’ve collected enough insights, act on it! When used correctly, feedback can be a huge advantage in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Remember, customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of running a successful business, so it’s best to devote ample amount of your time to ensure that it is at its best.

How Does the Bail Process Operate?

The phrase bail bond frequently appears in media. If you watch television, you might find on popular TV shows characters talking about bail. If you open the classified ads section of the local newspaper, you might stumble upon a post that reads “Looking for bail bonds in Jacksonville, Florida.” To serve as an overview, here’s how the bail process works:

What is Bail

Bail grants temporary liberty to an accused pending his/her final judgment in exchange for money. In other words, instead of being held behind bars during the trial, the accused will be set free and appear in court proceedings when called.

Unless the trial is complete and judgment is fully rendered, the accused in a criminal case stays outside of detention until further notice.

Most individuals face financial hardships, and having to pay bail might be difficult for some. Besides, not everyone release on bail receives favorable acquittal, so people often ask what’s the point.

In any case, several laws have been built into bail to ensure particular safeguards to ensure that being released on bail is not done without benefit or purpose.

Working Through the Process of Bail

When an individual is arrested, they are taken to the station to be processed or booked. In this step, the police officer takes the suspects basic information such as name, birthday, contact number, etc. and the alleged crime. Then he/she is taken through background checks and inventory before being put behind bars.

For less serious offenses, bail is almost immediately posted after processing. In other instances, like heinous crimes, a standard waiting time of 48 hours for a bail hearing is under work for the accused. This, however, is still subject to the court’s discretion: in simpler words, not everyone is granted bail.

How is It determined?

While the amount of bail typically depends on the severity of the crime committed, it is not always the case. Some states and district jurisdiction have already predetermined schedule of fees, while other judges base it on their own judgment.

In any case, these determination procedures are lawful and reasonable. The judge’s discretion is not based solely on their personal views but also the accused’s criminal history, the case’s impact on their society, among others.

In Conclusion

Once you hear the word bail, you would surely have a basic grasp of it. The process of bail works through easy steps: booking, background-checking, and bail-postage. It is a procedure based upon the tenets of law that grants an individual a fundamental right vested upon them by the Constitution.